Kindo, Family Based Networking Site to launch Indian Portal


Kindo, Family Based Networking Site to launch Indian Portal

kindoKindo,London based family networking portal is planning to enter the Indian Internet Market with an exclusive hindi portal.

Is Kindo a genealogy site? Is it a family social network?

Well, actually a mix of both and the idea is to connect you with the family, create the family network, map out familly connections – right from blood relations to distant cousins.

The process of creating family tree is straight forward. Users sign-up for an account; and are then transferred to a visual graph, where you input similarly general data for the individuals who created you. For e.g. your father, mother, sister and other cousins. Users can also create family trees of their favorite celebrities.

Kindo has raised seed fund from Paul and Robin Klein (The Accelerator Group), Stefan Glänzer (former chairman of, founder of Ricardo), and ASI, a VC-firm set up by the founding engineers of Skype.

What’s your take on Kindo? Will Indian netizens really invest their time ibuilding their family tree?

By the way, check out Ratan Tata’s family. ibibo too tried a similar concept, onefamily, not too sure how is it doing (any idea?).

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