Kingfisher Calendar Launches on iPhone [Digital Wins Over Print]


Kingfisher Calendar Launches on iPhone [Digital Wins Over Print]

Hungama has launched it’s first branded app, Kingfisher Calendar for iPhone users. The application is available through the iTunes App. stores at $1.99 for iPhone users and incidentally, happens to be India’s first branded calendar application on the iPhone.

Kingfisher Calendar on iPhone
Kingfisher Calendar on iPhone

While the print form of kingfisher calendar is a coveted possession that very few receive, digital has been made available to everyone – an interesting distribution strategy, which still keeps the ‘nicheness’ of the content intact.

Additionally for the digital format, the application also features exclusive extra shots that did not make it to the print edition of the calendar.

Each month will see a leggy beauty adorning your iPhone, and one can also flip through the gallery of stunning images. The app also features a motion detection feature where one can simply shake their phone and random images will be pulled and displayed on the phone.(read the details)

Kingfisher Calendar on iPhone – two niche brands that keeps the niche appeal of calendar to niche users (i.e. iPhone).

And if you are part of Nokia/Ovi team, think of building ‘niche’ user base for the product (atleast build the perception), so that app makers will find you attractive enough for ‘niche’ apps.

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