Kiribati, the first country of the world to go under-water due to global warming.

Kiribati is pronounced as KI-ri-bahss, is a central pacific nation, with 33 islands spread over a giant 1.3 millions square miles, making it one of the largest nation in terms of sea area. Average elevation of Kiribati is less than six feet.

The atoll of Tarawa, where nearly half the country’s 110,000 residents live, could soon be substantially underwater. “By 2050, 18-80% of the land in Buariki, North Tarawa, and up to 50% of the land in Bikenibeu, South Tarawa could become inundated,” the government told the United Nations in 2015. Kiribati’s smaller outlying islands could be wiped out even sooner. “The results of sea level rise and increasing storm surge threaten the very existence and livelihoods of large segments of the population,” officials wrote.

“Why” this story:
From the very existence of human race to the mental health of current inhabitants of planet, climate change is a clear and present danger but still we are acting like ostrich. Japan which was just trying to salvage itself from devastating flood, was inundated with heat waves which has claimed more than hundred lives and thousands hospitalised. We need to examine that our unquenchable thirst for so called growth and development is coming at what cost?
The Perspective:
Recently the government wanted to cut some 60,000 tress in Delhi in the name of development. NH66 which runs from Bombay to Goa and beyond to Mangalore is being four-laned which would entail cutting not thousands but lakhs of trees in the ecologically rich western ghats. A lot of stretch which has been four-laned in Goa has been at a huge cost of damage to ecology with thousands of centuries old trees being cut down. As long as the danger does not stand in front of our door-step, we have a habit to be thick skinned and being mute,deaf and blind spectator.
“What” of this story?
If you are a coastal resident, have you noticed the rise in sea levels and it’s damaging effects?
If yes, please share with us all, via comments. Thanks!