When Kishore Da Sang For Entrepreneurs [Ruuk Jana Nahin. A Curation]

Today is 85th Birthday of Kishore Kumar.

Happy 85th B'day, Kishore Kumar!
Happy 85th B’day, Kishore Kumar!

Kishore Kumar’s songs have been a part of our lives – the good times, funny times, emotional times and yes, the sad times as well. His passion for music, the fact that he was NOT at all a trained singer and still made it so big is an inspiration for all.

Today, we salute the legendary singer and walk you through a journey of entrepreneurship, as told by Kishore da.

What if he were to sing for fellow entrepreneurs and doers out there? The playlist could have been something like this.

Early days of a startup
When you have just started up. When you believe that you have found a product-market fit. When you are in ‘I am going to change the world’ mode and oozing with energy! Here is to an awesome you.

Of course, what is this life without facing massive rejections?  Earlier, the better.

If you are rejected by a potential marquee customer/ Investor, you either give-in or you emerge strong. With successful entrepreneurs, latter is the case. Post these rejections, the ‘real’ startup world sinks in and one starts to understand the fundamentals – i.e. all that matters is your hard work. Everything else is secondary.


Got a cofounder? Hurray! Sing this to your cofounder!


You are now in a shipping mode. And now is the time to start looking for a potential investor. Ofcourse, you should be ideally looking for a great match (and not just the ones who have money). But at the end of the day, paisa is what matters!


Now that you are growing, competition comes into the picture. Here goes an ideal ‘on-the-face’ song for your competition!

At a very fundamental level, Entrepreneurship is often about self-doubts. You don’t know whether you are on the right track. All data points/market numbers are stacked against you. But then, you continue walking. You keep trying.

No matter which stage is your business in, you always need a ray of hope. Here Is One for A Brighter Tomorrow.

Businesses go through tough times. Sometimes, these are defining moments. One blink and it’s over!
With success comes more negotiations and when the bad times strike, you will feel like this – often used by your customers (show me the price), investors (tranch money?). *bajna* is the exact description of that feeling !! 🙂

Tasting Success? And Hungry For More? At one point in time, it’s always good to start enjoying the journey.


Facing Failure? Don’t give-in. Remember, it’s a journey!


And the journey continues. It never ends. An entrepreneur keeps going. Experimenting. Failing. Trying.

Thank you Kishore Kumar for being a part of our lives.

Curated by Team NextBigWhat. Image credit : wikipedia and Google doodle.

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