Klouzly: Your Intelligent Online Closet that Will Crowdsource Trends

There has always been a conventional approach of looking into catalogs before buying some products. With the ecommerce boom, this is getting difficult. The tons of sites selling their wares…

There has always been a conventional approach of looking into catalogs before buying some products. With the ecommerce boom, this is getting difficult. The tons of sites selling their wares online do little to help the customer, even if they have a list of bestselling items. The fashion-conscious buyer has to visit all those sites, and look at the best selling lists, and compare and find the most trending products in the market in general.

Klouzly attempts to bring that conventional approach online by creating wishlists that work like a filtered catalog of the products which are in trend and helps people to know the products that they had always wanted, but were not really sure, and could not found yet. Klouzly brings your fashion wishlist online with social discovery of lifestyle and fashion products.

Klouzly lets you install a browser button called “Want this” that helps you create the aforementioned wishlist. You find something interesting while shopping online but do not have enough time to explore the item, click the +want this – klouzly browser button and push it to your online klozet, and shop them when you are ready next. You can also browse others’ klozets and get an idea of what is trending most.

Handpicked items like flavor of the season, lifestyle and fashion category in online shopping, has a huge potential and should have major chunk in the future growth of ecommerce players in India. Klouzly picks this most popular category, fashion and lifestyle, and tries to do something interesting to assist you in your online shopping just like your shopping pal.

Klouzly also includes occasion-based recommendations for all those times when you get confused while getting dressed. It allows to upload your dresses to with occasions such as a party or a date and asks to crowdsource opinions.

Klouzly is the brainchild of one Pushpendra, who chose not to divulge more information about himself. He gets candid with us on the idea behind and the roadmap ahead:

How did you conceive of Klouzly? What were the thought processes that went behind building this up?
There were few pain points which prompted me to come out with klouzly. The basic idea of klouzly surfaced because of a really simple problem and my personal experience. Being a shopaholic, I have always found a pain to keep track of the things I am either planning to buy or I would like to buy. I found while shopping online or browsing shopping sites that I was not shopping at the same time even when I was getting the desired stuff. I was usually taking time or browsing things while keeping stuff open in multiple tabs and windows, bookmarking the links, and I had to repeat the whole process if I decided to buy later, which I did most of the time. eCommercce boom has only piled up these problems and it has rather become much difficult.

Most of us are not that impulsive shoppers, we usually come back on the same store and filter or search the same item repeatedly. I thought of some sort of a wishlist, which could step in here and streamline the whole shopping cycle so that remembering, organizing, discovering and shopping the products becomes easy, fast, and effective, a kind of a repository where I can look for the references whenever I am ready to burn some money.

What exactly is the problem you are trying to solve? Is klouzly another attempt at social shopping?
Klouzly does socialize the shopping decisions and fashion trends but in somewhat other senses; I am not selling the point that you trust your Facebook friends for shopping decisions, I rather believe that many of our Facebook friends are actually just an acquaintance rather a friend. Thus my emphasis has to be more on the community which I am trying to build here.

In the recent boom of online shopping trends in India, there are many sellers who have been branding and selling each and everything in the name of fashion, you might easily find bad designs and second rated brands, and gone trends in high fashion zone categories. So there is this disconnect between the creators and the market needs. To tackle these issues, I am trying to build a community that can drive the right fashion trends, needs, awareness, and shopping decisions, a platform where you can look out what exactly the current lifestyle and fashion category product trends are getting followed.

This is a win-win situation for the consumers and retailers both, consumer will benefit and get what exactly is trendy and fit for the occasion and retailers and brands will better understand the market demand which eventually help them to create right stock and inventory.

Who do you think are your closest competitors? What is your USP?
Though I am not really bothered about the competitors, in general there are very few players in Indian in social commerce space, and there seems to be none doing something as sort of a wishlist approach to shopping in lifestyle and fashion category.

I do not believe that deriving shopping decisions in each and every segment is really possible, for example take the gadgets category, will you really trust the friends and community? isn’t it the critics whom we still trust most? Moreover, social commerce platform does not add much value if that gadget is already hot selling since there are a jumble of sites recommending gadgets and electronics.

Since kloulzy operates in a particular vertical only, it is better equipped, focused, and is trying to build the trust in this segment only, there are many new and unique features in klouzly but I think its main USP is still its wishlist approach to the shopping.

“Want this” is a nice button; what are the uses other than creating a wishlist?
Wishlist basically has two major categories, other than the items you want, which are pushed to klouzly by browser button, you can organize and push the items into klozets, a virtual online closet, as well for specific categories and name them such as Holiday 2012, UK trip, Friday dressing, formals, shoes. The idea is to organize everything categorically and logically so that your klouzly account,  becomes your ultimate reference point for all the purchases you might need for any occasion.

The other aspect is discovering trendy and new products that you might not have either found or might not be aware yet becomes easy since klouzly publishes a feed of the user activities such as the products wants and online klozets created by its non-private members, it is like wishlist activities are shared in feeds.

What and how are you crowdsourcing?
I am crowdsourcing the dressing habits; if you are somebody who takes a care in dressing and choosing clothes, you might have observed that it is really confusing to get dressed for those lovely occasions such as party, wedding or date. klouzly encourages people to get a click of the dresses they planning to wear, tag with occasions such as a date, a party, a wedding (a whole set of occasions are already available in a list) and crowdsource opinions; after all a second opinion matter a lot to everybody.

How do you plan to generate revenue?
It is too early to talk about the revenue numbers, but I am not relying much on the affiliate revenues. The game plan is different and actually much bigger, however I can not disclose it right now, but in short, I am trying to take the fashion and styling to the masses. The current focus is to improve the shopping decisions in the lifestyle and fashion category, to build a dedicated community and to maximize the member base.

Why do you have a username/password based login in addition to the Facebook login?
This is an interesting question. if you closely analyse the ecommerce user base, you will find that many of users browse from offices where Facebook is usually blocked(at least in all the services companies). Kloulzy has Facebook registration but it additionally asks to register a email/password so that the user can also login from the places where Facebook is blocked. This might be something new in India and I think not many people doing this, but expect this to be there in many upcoming applications specially in social commerce space.

When was Klouzly launched and how has the traction been since then?
Klouzly beta version was softly launched in the second week of April, 2012. However I have given very limited publicity, and so far all the traction has been through friends and word of the mouth only, so far we have been getting good traction from the people who care about their dressing and love to shop online, people are coming back to use their wishlist and keep it alive.

What are your future plans?
Taking everything mobile is of course next, along with this the immediate focus has to be to keep improving the shopping decisions in the lifestyle and fashion category, build a community and to maximize the member base. I am also looking to raise some fund to scale up the business, make the platform bigger, and better and to gradually move towards the actual business model.

Every new trend in the market comes with its new set of problems. Then you have solutions to those problems. This one looks a really interesting solution of the problem of plenty, and a quick nifty application to keep a list of hot, trending items, and crowdsource your choices from other users.

My suggestion to Klouzly: try and increase involvement of users, and work at the rather simplistic UI, which is good in a sense, but this one looks rather bland with lot of wasted whitespace that could be used for good purpose. An interesting concept, let us see how does it fare in the long run.

Do give Klouzly a spin and share your comments.

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