Know The Freshly Added SMEthing Businesses: VoiceTree Techonologies, Thought Starters, Inolyst [And More]

If you are a startup looking for an excellent service, check out SMEthing. Here is a quick view of service providers who have listed on the platform recently.

SMEthing, an online marketplace from NextBigWhat is a great platform that connects service provider & customers (SMEs, Startups). SMEthing aims to build an amazing curated platform where Startups & SMEs can get reliable service providers who understand their needs and importantly, constraints.

SMEthing : Marketplace

If you are a startup looking for an excellent service, check out SMEthing. Here is a quick view of service providers who have listed on the platform recently.

VoiceTree Technologies

Voice tree

80% business happens over phone. Missing incoming calls can cost you more than just business. It eats into your efficiency, discourages that caller and creates those gaps which you could have easily covered. Manage your business calls with MyOperator. Get your completely functional IVR in 30 seconds. Our aim is to deliver innovation through smarter simpler telephony solutions to the market. Customers save time, money and precious resources with better call management and increased operational efficien

Thought Starters

300x25019 out of 10 B2B buyers place high importance on trust worthiness & they believe that only 5% of marketers showcase thought leadership effectively! At ThoughtStarters, we help position your brand as a leader, an authority, a resource and a trusted advisor on issues of importance to your clients. As an integrated marketing services provider, we offer following service.

a)    Develop marketing strategy plans, b) Content writing services for whitepapers, c) articles /blogs / brochures / presentations / case studies & website. d) Influencer engagement e) Primary & secondary research, f) Lead generation services. g) Market intelligence & competition intelligence, h) Influencer engagement/collaboration with leading universities / trade publications, i) Design services for marketing collateral (brochures, mailers, newsletters, banners, posters, website, event collateral), j) Digital solutions- user experience portals, apps.


Inolyst_logo_smething_thumbnailInolyst is today a leading choice for every entrepreneur, startup and individual innovators for getting their Intellectual Property rights registered (IPR). We have worked with almost 100+ companies in India both at the startup and growth stage and partnered for filing their patents (200+), trademarks and copyrights in India and US.

§  Now filing patents is simple. Click here to know more.

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Source Easy

sourceasy-newlogoSourceasy is a private label apparel manufacturing and sourcing service. We’ve made Tees for Startups like Wishberg, iGenero, Exotel, Diabeto, Tunepatrol, Instamojo, iSpirt, Webengage; events like The Goa Project, UnPluggd. We are also into corporate clothing – uniforms and promotional Tees for Companies like Bajaj Allianz Insurance (India), One97 / Paytm (India), Startup Leadership Program (Mumbai), Pinstorm (Mumbai), Groupon (India).

Lifecare Health services

Lifecare LogoOurs is a unique center where the Modern Allopathic System of Medicine blends with the traditional wisdom of Ayurveda in a scientific manner for the ultimate goal of benefiting the Individual in attaining good Health & maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Yoga offers an individual a conscious process to solve the problems of unhappiness, restlessness, emotional imbalance, workaholism etc, in the society and helps to evoke the hidden potentialities of a person in a systematic way. Yoga classes are conducted only by qualified Doctors.


It is energizing and at the same time enhances circulation throughout the body and relieves stress, strain & tension. This procedure often induces a mental state similar to a trance which creates profound relaxation of body and mind. Body massage + Steam Bath + Shirodhara

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