Announcing R00TS : THE Resource Base for Entrepreneurs.

Over the last few years, we have produced great content – right from basics of incorporation to marketing to product management.

These articles have mostly been hidden in the daily humdrum of news/analysis/startup coverage and today, we are launching the NextBigWhat for Entrepreneurs out there – R00TS.


R00TS is a collection of super useful resource for entrepreneurs – that answers all your questions related to incorporation to tackling growth stage challenge – Hiring to Cofounder (dating) to Intellectual Property issues to Marketing/branding/SEM campaigns etc.

In short, a more meaningful way to engage with entrepreneurs who often struggle with finding information on these topics.

And well, we have just started!

To start off, R00TS mostly will have (curated) content from NextBigWhat’s amazing (and growing) resource base, but we have BIGger goals around that.

You can subscribe to R00TS content via email – at max, we plan to send not more than two emails a week.

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