Agrocom – QnA Service meets Rural India

QnA services are the need of the hour.

We earlier announced the launch of QnA service for Entrepreneurs, i.e. and interestingly, an IIT Bombay incubated startup, Agrocom too is banking on a similar concept (started way back in 2006).

Agrocom essentially builds up the QnA service for rural India and company has a pool of experts who answer queries from farmers.


The company’s flagship product, aaQUA (stands for Almost All Questions Answered) was started as a student project (networking site for farmers) and saw some initial traction which led the team to focus more on bringing experts to answer these questions (related to agriculture produce, legal issues regarding land titles, crop management and dealing with Pests & insects).

aaQua, a knowledge base for farmers receives questions from farmers in 4 languages in any one of 420 districts in India and some places abroad. As far as company’s growth is concerned, the below statement on their website sums it all.

Agrocom started with Rs. 1 Lakh at Rs 1 per share in 2006. The book value today has improved 110 times and Agrocom shares sell today at a premium of Rs. 400 per share among its subscribers. The management is accountable to a double bottom line and is encouraged to think beyond profits.

Agrocom’s business model revolves around content licensing (to VAS players) and the company partners with organizations targeting farmers and provides experts, tools and the aAQUA knowledge base and data-sets.

TO sum up, the products offered by Agrocom are:

  • aAQUA Content License, developed to answer Telecom VAS customer content needs, is an Enterprise product targeted at the VAS industry. Agrocom provides them with Authoritative and Accurate Agricultural Information of immediate use to the farmer (pre-tested vernacular audio content.)
  • aAQUA Portals is a a high-end software package that enables Government-to-Citizen (G2C) extension managers to track extension activities, review and study citizen questions, maintain expert answers and synchronize their project data via internet or mobile technology. Customer also opt for using aAQUA technology and content over GPRS, RSS, WAP, Push SMS, Pull SMS, Push Voice and Pull Voice, some free and some paid.
  • aAQUA Offline, a desktop component, is a G2C Client where citizens or employees can subscribe to content in one place bundled along with aAQUA Portals for customers who do not mind paying a premium for the convenience of not having to log-in all the time and yet have the advantages of having up-to-date content

What’s your take on Agrocom’s business model?

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