Bring Structure to Learning With KnowledgeWheels Visualization Tool [efficient use of HTML5]

Mumbai based e-learning startup SurroundSchool (earlier coverage) has revamped the product and launched a new visualization tool called KnowledgeWheels.

KnowledgeWheels is a visualization tool and a content delivery engine that makes it easier to define a complex subject by drawing all the related sub-subjects around it in a circular structure (more like Google’s Wonder Wheel?). Each related sub-subject can be another complex KnowledgeWheel in itself. The details on sub topics can then be fetched from content sites like Wikipedia, YouTube etc.


SurroundSchool sticks to its basic idea of giving subject wise structured learning from content already available on the web. We earlier did complain about below average UI and that is what KnowledgeWheels brings, a better interface with help of SVG components of HTML5. Maintains the sleekness of the UI, yet not compromising on interactivity. Though few hiccups are there but overall good leap for version 2. The team will be enhancing the product for porting to iPad and other handheld devices.

Prima facie the concept looks promising and does have potential to make it big but the approach of keeping it under closed walls of login brings in a lot of friction. The passer by crowd will never take the pain of logging in before to try. Also there is very little discovery as no SEO is possible. If social upliftment is the mission behind this, as the founder mentions, then the tool would see better adoption with a Wikipedia like open platform, where everyone could contribute 1 node of the KnowledgeWheel.

The startup expects to make self-sustainable revenue by helping institutes and teachers to demo their sample content for a small fee.

Let us know what you think of KnowledgeWheels? Do try it, it’s worth the time.

[Naman is a startup enthusiast and has worked with couple of Indian startups as Product Manager. He is the founder of FindYogi]

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