Kobian launches 3G mobile router, connects up to 6 devices

clip_image001Kobian has been on a product launch spree in India. A few weeks back they introduced their USB 3G dongle router, then the sub 4k iXA tab and now they have launched the Mercury 3G Mobile Router. The device provides Wi-Fi connectivity to as many as 6 devices with push of a button. Also the router boasts of rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can last up to 5 hours eliminating the need to connect to a notebook or laptop.

With broadband speeds of up to 7.2 Mbps and support to all GSM providers, the 3G mobile router can switch between the modem and router modes easily. In the modem mode, the router acts as a dongle and provides internet connectivity to the host through USB, whereas in the latter the dongle turns into a ‘Hot-Spot’ and serves as a router providing internet access to 6 different devices. A perfect fit for SOHO, students and home use the router is available for Rs 5,200 with an ex-stock 1 year warranty.

Better known as Mi-Fi devices in the industry, Kobian faces stiff competition from Vodafone and Micromax who have launched similar devices. While the Vodafone Mi-Fi device costs Rs 5,500, the Micromax 3G mobile router is adequately priced at Rs 4999, the cheapest of the lot.

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