KoFFii – Online Gaming Portal

Rupiz Infotech ( we covered the launch of PaisaWaisa, the personal finance manager) has launched an online gaming portal called Koffii.

Apart from gaming, the portal allows users to chat among themselves – which in the co. opinion will increase interactivity among users (and thereby be the social gaming platform).

Well, socionets are also launching gaming portals and I am not sure whether having a chat feature makes a product more fun?

I think any emerging industry will witness lot of me-toos, but the one that survives will be the one with strong focus on it’s offering.

Moreover, using an existing social graph (from Orkut, FaceBook) is far more intelligent approach than attempting to create a social network.

What’s your opinion?

Rupiz Infotech is launching multiple portals in the next few days (and when a co. does that, it becomes a good acquisition target for any deep pocketed MNC that is entering the Indian market!).

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