Kolkata And Bangalore: The Most Clogged Metros [Report]

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Kolkata And Bangalore: The Most Clogged Metros [Report]

Ola has revealed key insights from recent data that it has collected over the last six months on city transportation patterns across the country.

The data offers a glimpse of into how traffic across top 7 metros in the country moves during different hours of the day.

Some insights from Ola’s data:

Average speed of cities:

  • The fastest average vehicular movement across the top 7 metros is witnessed in Delhi and Pune with the average speed in both the cities being 23 km/hr.
  • Chennai, Mumbai and Hyderabad follow these cities with average speeds being 21, 20 and 19 km/hr respectively.
  • Bangalore and Kolkata are cities where vehicles move the slowest, with average speeds being as low as 18 and 17 km/hr respectively.

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Speed across the country through the day:

  • The top average speed of Indian traffic is 33 km/hr between 3 to 6 AM while the lowest average speed stands at just 18 km/hr, understandably between 6 to 9 PM
  • The average speed remains at 19 km/hr between 9 to 12 PM when most people travel to their offices.
  • Surprisingly, the average speed picks up by just 1 km/hr between noon and 3 PM, when the traffic from office commute is off the roads.

According to the data, average distance traveled by an urban Indian living in one of the top 7 metros to reach their office stands at 11.6 km and the time taken is 34.8 minutes.

The top 7 traffic bottlenecks are all in just 4 metros – Kolkata, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad.

Kolkata, Mumbai and Bangalore have two such bottlenecks each. Kolkata stands still at Shyambazar and Park Street, Mumbai barely moves at Saki Naka and Powai, Bangalore stops at Silk Board and Domlur and Charminar brings Hyderabad to a stand still.

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  1. Vinay Kumar

    Agreed. The report will have some deviation if style of drivers and all other drivers other than Ola are considered.

    Title could be “Kolkata And Bangalore: The Most Clogged Metro for Ola like services

  2. Srijan

    This data doesn’t capture the most preferred choice of Public Transport of Kolkata : The Metro Rail. So , the title, “The Most Clogged Metros [Report]” sounds too harsh. Moreover , drivers of APP based cabs prefers slow / congested routes so that the customers may be charged more. Regular taxies drive much faster than app based cabs as slow driving doesn’t convert to more charge for them. Hence , depending on data from OLA may not be the best option to achieve any conclusion.

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