Introducing Kookoo, API Partner For #PiHackathon

Introducing Kookoo, a cloud telephony startup and our partner for the upcoming Hackathon (they demoed at UnPluggd’s second edition). If you are a hacker who is keen on building a hack around Kookoo’s telephony system, here are the freebies Kookoo team is offeringkookoologo2011:

  • For the winning team, we will give a CPBX account for 3 months for free with a startup plan  — . It is a virtual cloud based phone system which the team can use as a professional phone system for their business.
  • All teams building on KooKoo will get a free account(silver egg) and phone number for the next two months.
  • All teams building on KooKoo will also get a 4 GB Pen drive.
  • One team selected by us ,out of the teams building on KooKoo , will get 5 Golden Eggs for a period of 3 months.

What is KooKoo?

KooKoo is an interface between your web application and the caller. It takes phone commands from you and executes them on your behalf to the caller.The best way to think of KooKoo is as just another web page in your application. Only difference is, the web page is accessible from the phone rather than the browser. So KooKoo is the fastest way to make your data available on the phone channel.

How does Kookoo work?

1. Caller calls the KooKoo number.

2. KooKoo informs your application.

3. You tell KooKoo what to do (Play some text, collect input, send sms, record etc).

4. KooKoo performs the action on your behalf.

5. KooKoo sends you the result of the action to your application.

What are the tags available?

  • response: This is the root tag
  • playtext: Play some text to your callers
  • playaudio: Play some audio to your callers
  • collectdtmf: Collect user input from your callers
  • record: Record caller conversation
  • conference: Conference multiple callers
  • hangup: Disconnect current caller
  • dial: Make an outbound call

More info about the tags can be found at

What can you create using the KooKoo API?

Almost anything related to Phones :). KooKoo is specifically useful to create mashups. Take an API, mix it with KooKoo and you have a phone mashup.

1. For example, take Zomato’s API, mix it with KooKoo API and you can have call to review mashup, or call to get reviews mashup etc.

2. Take Twitter API, mix it with KooKoo and have a call to tweet mashup(

3. Take Google places API, mix it with KooKoo and create a Justdial :)(

Also, KooKoo can be used to build business stuff like PBX systems, IVR systems etc by maybe hacking OpenVBX(

To get more ideas that can be built using KooKoo, you can have a look at the 314 mashups on Twilio available on programmable web at

Check out the blog( for more interesting ideas.


Hackathon Agenda

  • Get together the evening of 4th November and find a team (or get yours)
  • Get your business idea sounded with mentors, PI team, others [Hint: This is your pitch session].
  • Get together on 5th morning.
  • Start coding.
  • Go Home (after 7/8 PM or so).
  • Get together on 6th morning. Start coding.
  • 6th Nov – evening 4 pm – have a prototype ready.
  • Demo to mentors, investors, audience, others from 6 pm to 9 pm.
  • Sleep.

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