Kookoo Enables Speech Recognition–Integrates With Google Places, Twitter And Facebook

Kookoo, the IVRS platform that integrates web apps with voice is toying with speech enablement and has launched a few speech integration demo applications (integration with Google Places, Twitter and Facebook).

1. Google Places over Voice
Dial 040-30512839 and say ‘hotels’ in ‘koramangala’  after beep and Kookoo will send SMS with hotels list. It could be anything. Of course, Google places should support data you are requesting.
Google places search code without speech can be found here.

2. Voicebuzz
Sync up Facebook with KooKoo by visiting Voicebuzz app in Facebook at http://apps.facebook.com/voicebuzz/?ref=ts. After Sync up, dial 040-30512834 and speak your status. KooKoo will transcribe your voice input and post the text to your wall.

3. Twittervoice
Sync up Twitter with KooKoo by visiting http://www.kookoo.in/twittervoice/. After Sync up, dial 040-30512845 and speak your status. KooKoo will transcribe your voice input to the best of its capabilities and post the text of the tweet. [get the code here].

Given that no player in India has solved the voice recognition challenge (Google had shut down its voice search service in India), it would be interesting to see how Kookoo attempts to look at speech integration with web apps (right now, the service is still in alpha stage, so expect some jagged edges).

» Kookoo demoed at UnPluggd2 | Related Service: HP’s SiteonMobile | TringMe’s VoicePHP .


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