Ozonetel rebrands CPBX to BizPhone, Launches Android app


Ozonetel rebrands CPBX to BizPhone, Launches Android app

Cloud telephony service, Kookoo has rebranded its cloud based PBX service, CPBX (which was launched in Nov, 2011) to BizPhone and has launched mobile apps to help one manage customer communication. You can use the BizPhone mobile app or the BizPhone website to manage your customer communication.

Featured offered includes: incoming_bizphone

  1. Screenpops on mobile: Provide contextual information about callers. Know which customer is calling before answering the call.
  2. Call tagging: Employees can tag calls with labels and information for easy tracking. Tagging can currently be done through email.
  3. Dialer: The BizPhone dialer complements the default dialer on the phone and makes calls through your BizPhone account. This allows more control over your calls and your customers can see only your BizPhone caller id instead of their personal mobile number.

BizPhone intercepts the call and routes it to the mobile phone of the employee at the selected extension and when an employee answers the calls, all the details get recorded in the system. The screen pop provides a non intrusive way for your companies employee to get details about the caller before he answers the call. Combined with the facility to tag calls, this provides a powerful way of providing context to a call.

At the end of the day, the employee gets an email with the calls he has handled. He can just reply to the mail by filling additional details about the call directly in the mail, and the reply updates the BizPhone database. So next time when the customer calls, the employee gets the pop with his name and other details also popping up.

Here is the complete workflow

That is, Kookoo (demoed @UnPluggd) is attempting to move beyond cloud telephony and will soon be adding social media integration as well.

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