Appnomy App of the Day: KooKoo Voice App Directory

kookooappKooKoo Voice App Directory is a contact directory app that provides access to voice services built on Kookoo platform. The crux of the ap is that you don’t have to remember the phone numbers of these voice services.

In general, Voice services are limited by the fact that they do not get enough information about the caller. All we get to know is the caller id and there is very limited information that we can extract from that. But in a mobile app we can get much more information about the caller including their location(with their permission, of course).

When the user dials the weather app (on KooKoo app exchange), the service will playback the current weather based on the user location. The data channel is not used at call. So location based services can be enabled for voice services. This innovative use opens up the door for a whole host of location based voice services.

Most importantly, the service provides discovery to Kookoo’s 1500 registered developers who have added value to Kookoo’s cloud telephony service over the last few years.

As far as monetization is concerned, all apps on the App exchange are free. But in the future Kookoo plans to enable paid apps as well. Developers can charge per minute credits to access their content (Users can buy pre paid credits from the KooKoo website and use the credits on the paid content apps).

KooKoo Voice App Directory: App Details

Operating System(s): Android
Pricing : Free
Available in App Store: Android App Store

Supported Phone: Android 2.1 and above

Download Link.

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