Koovs Partners with ZipDial to Improve CoD Experience [Give a missed call to confirm the order]

2011 was the year when Indian ecommerce industry grew to a significant level and one of the growth drivers was CoD (Cash on Delivery) model. But one of the challenges with CoD is the return rate (of upto 35%) – after all, there is no obligation to buy the product. Though some of the big players are able to absorb the cost (logistics + inventory blockage), ecommerce industry as a whole needs to find a solution that brings buyer intent as part of CoD buying experience.KoovsPng-logo

Bangalore based leading eCommerce site, Koov has partnered with ZipDial to launch order verification service that enables CoD customers to give a missed call to a number confirming the order.

The patent pending system developed by ZipDial allows eCommerce companies to provision its users to authorize any transaction from their mobile free of cost. Using this system, Koovs now sends an automated SMS to its users with their order number and delivery address asking them to ZipDial, or missed call, one of the two numbers in SMS in order to confirm or deny the order. ZipDial is now making it available for other ecommerce companies as well.

An interesting concept and we certainly hope that Zipdial (and Koovs) have thought of use cases where the customer is part of DNDC list and may not be able to receive the SMS sent by Koovs?

Few similar-yet-different concepts started by Indian companies to reach out to customers who are not yet convinced of transacting online

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