Kreeda partners with NDTV Imagine


dancemelaKreeda games has partnered with NDTV Imagine for NDTV’s newly launched dance show “Nachle Ve”.

As part of the deal, Kreeda’s mass multiplayer online dancing game, ‘danceMELA’, will be the official gaming partner for the show and a special ‘avatar’ for Saroj Khan will be created. This Avatar would teach players how to dance online and even hold special tournaments in the game, where the winner would be featured on television. [source]

Kreeda is jointly funded by IDG Ventures and SoftBank.

As far as my Kreeda experience is concerned, I found Kreeda’s DanceMela highly addictive and sticky (basically you end up playing to the musical beats and not with your fingers), but here is my 2 cent to Kreeda team:- Please improve on the download size. 650MB of download is just not possible and on top of that, your game installers are not backward compatible (I have the earlier game version CD, but just can’t update the game.)

What’s your take on Kreeda?

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