Kreeo : Knowledge Networking Platform for Enterprise and Individuals

Kreeo is a knowledge management platform that harnesses the power of collective/social learning and helps users in organizing/sharing/discovering information around their area of interest (is meant for enterprise as well as consumer usages..

Leaving the jargon aside, Kreeo essentially gives you tools to capture and organize contextual data around a topic.

Termed BoK (i.e. Body of Knowledge), Kreeo provides a framework to capture data in few specific type of information, related to the concept and inherently builds a network of users who are interested in similar topics.

For example, if you a Javascript definition page will have:

  • Introduction
  • Best Practices
  • Quick Reference
  • Tips & Tricks
  • News Items
  • Blogs
  • Book reviews
  • Trivia etc.

Overall, Kreeo seems a very promising product – they can do wonders if they can mine the data semantically.
But here is a candid feedback – the entire user experience is way too overwhelming for a normal user to understand/use the product. It’s just not clear why would one use this and not directly go to the plain-and-simple Wikipedia?

Of course, too much of AJAX might hurt them in SEO, but am sure the team has thought about this.

Do give Kreeo a spin – it’s currently in closed alpha, but if you are interested in trying it out, do leave a comment.

Update: We have 1000 invites to give away. Please leave your email id in the comment section and I’ll send you an invite.

Competition in this space: twine, mahalo

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