Can’t stop checking your phone while driving? You need Kruzr app

Kruzr is a smart driving assistant mobile app which solves the problem of distracted driving and road accidents which causes 1.2 million deaths/year.
Kruzr is completely automatic, turns on automatically, and handles all communication for the driver intelligently. Makes drivers 25% safer.

The smart app that leverages multiple technologies including pattern recognition, machine learning, natural language processing etc. It activates when one is on the road. The app then automatically manages incoming calls and messages to the owner (driver) with the personalized bot interacting and alerting inbound callers that one is driving at the moment and hence can leave a message for
deferred attention.

How does Kruzr work?

Once it is set up, Kruzr runs in the background and kicks in when driving is detected. It detects driving within 30 seconds and activates automatically. The app then handles all calls and messages and only allows the important communication to filter through. Only those calls that pass the ‘Extremely Important’ muster will reach and alert the driver immediately. On receiving an important call, the driver is advised to slow down and park the car to be safe. Important message notifications are buzzed and displayed only when one stops, like at a signal. In this scenario, reading and replying to even important messages becomes totally safe and harmless even during a trip.

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Founded by Pallav Singh and Dinesh Fatehpuria
Pallav is a mech grad from IIT B and previously worked in renewable energy consulting.
Dinesh is a mobile technology architect and leads Kruzr’s tech team.

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