KuLacak – GPS-GPRS Vehicle Tracking System from Indonesia


KuLacak – GPS-GPRS Vehicle Tracking System from Indonesia

KuLacak (English translated) is a GPS vehicle tracking system from Indonesia based Indogeotech Darma Solutions. Although the device is a no-brainer, what’s interesting is that the whole system is a  simple plug and play. After buying the device you can start tracking it immediately on the site with the product ID mentioned on your  invoice.

KuLacak- GPS Tracker
KuLack- GPS Tracker: How it works

1. KuLacak Devices switched on, receive signals from GPS satellites.
2. KuLacak Device sends the position information through GPRS to the KuLacak server.
3. Device position can be directly monitored on http://kulacak.com or SMS.

On the site one can also set alerts to monitor certain events such as Geofence or Over Speed. Although, the site is free to use and there is no recurring cost on the device or the monitoring system but since the system is GPRS based there is a telecom operator cost involved. Also, the need of strong GSM signal in the area of presence is a let down.

An advanced device would cost Indonesian Rp. 3Mn (~INR 15K) which is a little costlier than that in India. But the problem in India (as told by a logistics company) is that there are no affordable (and reliable) solution providers for small fleet size. A system for a 100 unit fleet costs INR 1.5Mn to setup with a Rs. 200k annual cost. The cost does not go down significantly with drop in fleet size. Given that most transport companies (not good enough to be called logistics companies) in India own less than 10 carriers, a solution like KuLacak makes good business sense as one can buy as low as one device at an affordable price without compromise in quality of service. In India Airtel provides a GPS-GPRS based VTS but is not affordable or approachable by the small business owners.

The traditional business owners in Indonesia have been quick to adopt technology. Although, it is severely struggling on the economic and political front. In India with mass adaptation of mobile we can see acceptance of devices and services that are build around it.

Meanwhile, i have learned a little Indonesian. Just incase you can’t get it right ‘KuLacak’ means ‘I Track’.

In know of any such product in India? Please share.

[Naman is a startup enthusiast and has worked with couple of Indian startups as Product Manager. He is the founder of FindYogi]

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