Meet Kumaran Brothers : Two wonder kids running an app startup, GoDimensions

At the age where most of the kids are worried about seeing their favorite shows on TV or attending art classes, the two Kumaran brothers, aged 10 and 12 have redefined the concept of wonder kids.

Founders of the company GoDimensions, the brothers Shravan and Sanjay Kumaran have created four apps for the Apple Appstore which have seen downloads upward of 10,000 in the past few months.The elder sibling Shravan(8th grade) is the President of the company whereas the younger sibling Sanjay(6th grade) is the CEO. Shravan_and_Sanjay Kumaran

In their interview, the young boys credit their father, (who also happens to be a director of an IT company) for their accomplishment. Something that started as a hobby when their father got them a desktop has now become a passion for the boys. Starting off with creating PPTs and editing in Photoshop, the boys are now fluent in QBasic, little bit of Java, XML & Objective C

Their apps are currently free in the appstore, though they have earned their first $100 through the ads in their apps. The boys are quick to point out in the interview that at this point their main focus in on learning than on the monetization of their apps. The apps developed by the brothers are:

CatchMeCop : A game where a Con escapes the prison and there is a nationwide hunt for the Con. The Con has to run through Desert, Beach & a Maze to escape the Cop. There are multiple level in the app, with varying levels of difficulties.

AlphabetBoard : This is an alphabets learning App available on the iPhone & iPad.

PrayerPlanet : A praying app which allows the users to play religious prayers of four major religions.

Drawing their inspiration from the Apple co-founder Steve Jobs and billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates, the boys are hard working on an Olympic themed app. The app would launch coinciding with the games and along with that their future projects involve porting their apps for the Android platform. With so much talent at such a young age, the future is sure exciting for them.

Are these great apps? Well, need not be; but the fact that these kids have embraced app development at such an early stage is surely an inspiration for a lot of techies out there, who are still living in an island (read this piece: Of KBC & The “Islandish” Problem With Indian IT Industry).

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