Kumaran brothers, youngest app developers from India – We want to launch our own tablet, GoSheet

Four days back we covered the apps created by the Kumaran brothers, Shravan and Sanjay, who are probably the country’s youngest mobile application developers and perhaps, one among the youngest developers around the world. Shravan is 12 and Co-Founder & President of Go Dimensions, while his brother Sanjay is only 10 years of age and the Co-Founder & CEO.

Kumaran Brothers - Youngest App Developers from India
Kumaran Brothers - Youngest App Developers from India

Their apps have been downloaded by more than ten thousand users and the boys are riding high on their success. When quizzed on what they would like to do in the future, they have ambitious plans in making lifestyle applications that would help senior citizens. They are also interested in making environmental apps that give data about pollution levels at a particular place.

We had a heart-to-heart chat with them about their company GoDimensions (GoD), their inspiration and their future plans. Read along.

Pi. Why the name GoDimensions and whose brainchild was it?

GoD: GoDimensions means going in all directions with no boundary, it also has GOD in it. And it was our brainchild (me and my brother) with inspiration from our parents. Our mom is a home-maker while Dad is the President of Symantec Corporation.

Pi. When and how did the idea of developing mobile apps come into your mind?

GoD: We have been programming for a while now. We started around six years back with Paint, then PowerPoint, learnt some Photoshop and then started with Basic. Once we got fascinated with mobile games we played them for hours and dad used to tell us why you don’t make games than playing them.

This was the starting point; we begun with a few quiz apps and a calculator app on Android but never went around publishing them. Then we started with iPhone and we were so thrilled by its UX that we started developing apps for the same and have published four apps since January 2012.

Pi. How is GoDimensions funded?

GoD: For now it is self- funded…as in our dad puts in all money that is required for development purposes.

Pi: You have decided to donate part of your earnings to charity. Which charities are you targeting specifically?

GoD: Yes, we have decided to donate 15 per cent of our earnings to charity. We would like to do something for kids, their education. Right now our revenue is not high…we have got little money (about $100 through ads in the apps) and want to donate to some orphanage.

Pi: How do you typically spend your days?

Sanjay: Shravan is in the VIII standard and I am in VI. Our typical day is spent in school. After that we come home have our lunch, study for about two hours. Thereafter we do programming for more than an hour. Our parents strongly believe in the proverb ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ so we get lot of playtime…about 1.5 hours of whatever we like to do outdoor like badminton or skateboard.

Pi: With school and other co-curricular activities how do you manage to code?

GoD: Yes, it does get very difficult at some days but we do try to get one hour every day. It does differ when we have exams or other co-curricular activities lined up.

Pi: What are your hobbies and what is it that you love to do?

Sanjay: Shravan loves playing the guitar and singing to tunes. I play the keyboard. As far as outdoor games are concerned we both love playing badminton. I make cartoons as well.

Pi: How do you plan to generate revenue from the model?

GoD: Right now, revenue is not the motive. The aim is to have our apps used by millions of users and learn from their feedback. However, we’ve do managed to make little money through advertisement in our apps. We are not even doing anything to promote our apps…it’s only through word of mouth till now.

Pi: How do you plan to expand your portfolio as well as the website?

GoD: We would be expanding to Android and Windows mobile platform shortly.  For the future we have lot of ideas. As of now we are working on a better website. We are also working on some cool games that will be out soon.

Pi: What has been the traction so far?

GoD: Our apps have been downloaded by more than 12000 people across 35 countries till now.  We have had many business enquires for partnership and VC funding but we are not actively taking that route.  We want to focus on developing apps as of now.

Pi: Where do we see GoDimensions in the next few years?

GoD: It’s too early to predict anything but we would like to have atleast one of our apps running on half of worlds’ phones :-).

Pi: What do you want to do when you guys grow up?

GoD: We want to take our company global and have our dream product GoSheet a reality. It is an affordable tablet, with high quality HD screens (both sides), fully touch and completely customizable. Today’s products are vanilla in their aim as in they have same apps across… GoSheet will be customized (loaded with apps etc) depending on the buyer, so the tab for an IV standard kid and a senior citizen will be different and will be used differently.

Pi: Who is your inspiration?

GoD: Steve jobs and Bill gates are our inspiration. We are inspired by Steve Job specifically, his passion for innovation and never say die attitude even in tough adversity. It is this story that we like to hear multiple times from our Dad.

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