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An interesting thread by Kunal Shah on religion, society and drug mafia.
1) Business is about providing what consumers want. Most of the consumer needs are driven by hormones. Drug Mafia and Godmen know how to get to the source and unlock wealth.
2) B2C organizations in India can make more money by focusing on nations with higher per capita versus Indian customers.
3) Indian spirituality as a market is massively untapped globally.
4) Citizens of individualistic nations constantly crave belonging and citizens of nations that look down upon individualism crave power.
5) Sacrifice has the magical power to make things sacred. Not the other way around.
6) People can be convinced to believe anything as long as it creates social belonging and identity. It’s not a surprise there is a flat earth society.
7) Older leaders should leverage young and ambitious ones to achieve large goals. They have the tenacity and energy, that can’t come naturally to older teams.
8) Absolute power corrupts. No exceptions.
9) People trust wealthy and powerful more than regular folks. Subconscious trust is still very tribal.
10) People are territorial by nature. People dislike highly dissimilar people. People have empathy mostly for people like them only.
11) People are like elements in periodic table. Some more reactive than others. Reactive elements form bonds easily.
12) People who are addicted to hope, stay addicted to it. They often show the behaviour of drug addicts. hope is a drug.
13) Irrational and monstrous goals are better than small ones. It inspires teams to win and even risk their lives for it.
14) Religion and Politics are inseparable.
15) Wearing uniforms allows people to lose their identity and become one with the commune.
16) Religious leaders always speak slowly and with unshaken confidence. Even when they utter crap.
17) Education attempts but doesn’t guarantee rationality.
18) Cheering and applause can make people do most heinous tasks without guilt. Guilt is relative to people’s social surrounding.
19) Legal system is not absolute, it often follows popular opinion.
20) People seek both social identity and personal identity at different intensities at different stages of life.
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