Kwench – Online Library Service Provider for Corporates

Indians spend an average 10.7 hours per week reading books (highest in the world!) and while most of the corporates attempt to build good libraries, most of the time they fail.

Kwench (play on quench), founded by four alumni from IIM-Ahmedabad enables companies to provide its employees access to thousands of titles – with no capital expenditure, no administrative effort and no physical space.

The startup enables web based ordering and it seems is a SaaS offering (though not clear from their site,but quite obvious) – corporates do not need to spend money on library/real estate/administrative overheads etc (though employees are charged a nominal subscription fee).

The IAN (India Angel Network) funded startup is basically the librarywala of corporate world – surely an interesting play (they have bagged customers like AIG, YES Bank, Wipro, Nexus India Capital and WNS).

What’s your take on this model?

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  1. Working in Citibank…want tO subscribe for books daily…let me know the membership fee…i have heard that ur fee for this is very minimal…i wanna apply…call me on 9560826566

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