The Ladoo Android? Sweet!


The Ladoo Android? Sweet!

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For now, we will leave trivial things like the economy and onion prices to the lesser mortals. The pressing issue is: Should we name the next version of Android Laddoo? Let’s take a look back and epistemologically analyze, if Ladoo is indeed the worthiest of all Indian sweets for Google to name its next version of Android operating system.

We hate to be the spoilsport here, as much as we love Ladoos, and as much as we’d share the happiness with “Indian geeks” if Google indeed chooses Ladoo. But this is serious.

Now the problem with Ladoo is manifold.

First, they’re a generic category of sweets – not a specific sweet itself! So you could have a whole platform called Ladoo, and versions that go Besan, Nariyal, Motichoor, Til. Get the drift (think : fragmentation)?

Second: What would Chhota Bheem do?

There’s too much of a conflict with the all famous mythical cartoon character Chhota Bheem! Granted, both give the users/ viewers certain superpowers. But a whole generation of kids might grow up with serious brand conflicts in their heads! No kidding.

Also, Laddoo often signifies “zero” in India. As in – the score in a test you weren’t prepared for, etc. Not the best name for a popular OS’ version, however minor.

It is all getting too sweet. If you’ve been to a diabetology clinic lately, you’d know what we are talking about. We’ve just had oodles of Ice Cream Sandwiches and Jelly Bean. This is just too sweet. In a nation on a diabetes-red-alert, we need to take folks’ minds off sugar and ghee. Assuming Google concedes, at the very least, we need a sugar level test app on Android! Perhaps the folks at Uchek can help.

How about something healthier? More reflective of the rich and nutritious culinary legacy of India?

Android Palak Paneer, perhaps? Yeah, we’ll skip a few alphabets, but hey, this is a pretty popular dish. Baigan Bhartha would be good too – what a great dish that is! Or why not just plain Gongura – delicious, healthy and very familiar to a large Indian population out there? Perhaps Android Appam Stew – now that’s a whole meal with rich spices in it!

Or maybe just take a curative approach – Android Chyavanprash! That should keep it bug resistant like little else will. Something like Paan Patta can be the appropriate digestive one needs after those multiple alimentary nightmares of the past.

[ Aside : Apples are a little better – but super pricey these days. And the whole thing about them keeping doctors away might just be bunkum anyway. Blackberries are a very healthy option too. But hey, their own health is a big question mark, so not much point in petitioning them. ]

Edit – Of course it’s not alphabetical. But hey, this was purely a gastronomic exercise with no hope in hell of getting Google’s attention anyway, but a lot of attention nevertheless, wasn’t it? 😉 Hats off to a great viral branding effort!

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