Being a Startup Dad : Make Your Family Part of your Startup Team [Lalit Bhise, Mobisy Founder]


Being a Startup Dad : Make Your Family Part of your Startup Team [Lalit Bhise, Mobisy Founder]

On the occasion of father’s day (June 16th), we bring you perspectives from startup dads and the challenges/joys of being one. Continuing with our startup dad series, meet Lalit Bhise. Lalit is the founder and CEO at Mobisy Technologies. Here’s what Lalit had to say.

NextBigWhat: How many kids do you have? How old?

Lalit Bhise:  2, 8 & 10

NextBigWhat: Being a startup dad, how do you manage your startup-life balance? What are some of the key challenges you have faced?

Lalit Bhise: Look I have been a startup dad for 7 years now, so my kids have seen me in my startup avatar most of their life.

Life balance is very tough to be honest but I have found my USP with some of the activities which my kids love to do only with me, and we enjoy doing that in whatever time we find, which is usually weekend biking (cycling) trips to nearby places, camping, rock climbing, swimming, playing on Kinect and so on.

This way even if we do not get lot of time together, whatever time we spend with each other, we try to make most of it.


NextBigWhat: Truth is that most of the entrepreneurs often are earning less than *uncles around*, which translates to the same old car, house, lesser fancy stuff @home etc etc. Kids often build perception on these – how has been your reaction? How have you managed this?

Lalit Bhise: I keep asking my kids this question.. “what is more important to you in life – money or love?” So far, the answer is always “love” so I think we are ok on that front. But yes my kids see “uncles” in mercs and BMWs and audis, so I am sure this is going to catch up with me at some point.. I better have an answer to that then.. 🙂

We also keep them regularly updated about things like large customer wins or funding news etc so they feel they are part of it.

I think best way is to make your family as a part of your startup team .. (my son all of 10 years learned basic HTML, JS programming on Codeacademy cause he feels so proud of his father who can code.)

I think it also helps the kids to see that their parents are enjoying their work and find it exciting . All kids love adventure and what better adventure than to run your startup?

NextBigWhat:  One of the psychological process mentions that kids often believe that ‘dad does nothing’ 🙂 That’s because they see mom doing a whole lotta stuff- but not their dad. Experience?

Lalit Bhise: In my case, both Mom and Dad work on the same startup so very difficult for my kids to decipher . There are times when dad is doing a night out and some other days when mom is. So they have a “balanced” view .. I think they love the fact that mom and dad have their “own” company and they are very very close to the brand Mobisy and Bizom.

*If you are a startup dad, willing to share your experience (candid/UnPluggd fashion), please share here.

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