Wingify – Behavioural and Segmentation Targeting made easy

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Wingify – Behavioural and Segmentation Targeting made easy

[Continuing with our coverage of ‘How to track user activity on one’s site (real time tracking, heatmap analysis).]

Wingify is a Behavioral and Multivariate Testing platform that enables you to optimize your website, do behavioral targeting and help you carry experiments for selected segments.

For instance, one can ask only repeat visitors to give feedback, show a custom message to people coming from some particular referral source.

You can carry out following tests using Wingify:

  • A/B and Split Testing : Test a variant of your existing advertisement, headline, background color, text on buy-now button, etc. against existing one.
  • Multivariate Testing:Change multiple elements on the page at once and in the end combine the best elements to create a winning combination
  • Product Pricing Test: Test pricing on real customers through varying pricing of a product dynamically and choosing the one which maximizes your profits
  • Landing Page Optimization:Test headlines, signup form fields, button color, image placement and size, ad copy length, etc

Some of the capabilities of the platform are:

Testing Platform

  • Experiments can be made to run just for selected segments (for example, repeat visitors or purchasers)
  • Experiments can be evaluated on multiple goals to correctly see tradeoffs
  • Options for asynchronous (page loading is not stalled until the server responds) or synchronous loading of variations available
  • Javascript API: you can use callbacks to know which variation is allotted
  • REST HTTP API: you can  get variations for a visitor from the backend code itself before rendering the page

Targeting Platform

  • Uses realtime data; fresh data used for targeting
  • 30+ metrics available: Time taken to reach goal, Days since last session, Sessions per day, total time spent on URL to name a few
  • Segments can be made using a combination of metrics (joined through AND, OR and parenthesis)
  • Segments can be session-expirable, X-days-expirable or not expirable at all
  • Content can be targeted according to segment preference, segment recency
  • JS API: callbacks to let you know which segments does the visitor belong to and which content to target
  • HTTP REST API: segment users before through backend application

Analytics Platform

  • Ability to segment on real time data
  • Individual level clickstream reporting
  • Comparison of trends and visitor data across segments, both data and charts
  • Reporting of goals, site specific data and events

The Delhi based startup is currently in private beta mode and to get an idea of platform’s targeting capability, you will notice a custom welcome message if you visit wingify from this article.

As far as product is concerned, it’s still in early days, UI needs overhaul, but the good news is that the platform seems fairly impressive and capable enough to create a differentiation in the market (Google optimizer isn’t so fun to use).

We have 5 invites to give away – put ‘pluggdin’ in the account registration page (in the message box).

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