Too Few Sellers For Laptops on Ebay? [NextBigWhat Ecommerce Insights]


Too Few Sellers For Laptops on Ebay? [NextBigWhat Ecommerce Insights]

In our previous report we talked about Tablet sellers at Ebay. In this report we would unveil seller popularity and their catalogue size under laptops category at Ebay. We procured data for this evaluation from FindYogi Laptops. Only new products that are under manufacturer warranty and available as on 4th Week of April 2014 is considered in this report.

  • Ebay has 282 SKUs under Laptop category. Point to note is different color variants of the same product are considered as single SKU here.
  • There are 714 offers under these 282 SKUs.
  • The above offers are from 58 sellers. These sellers may be selling in other categories as well.

Catalogue Size of Sellers for Laptops Category

Phablets and Tablets might be capturing the category of everyday use laptops but there is lot more laptops have to offer. Market is full of vast variety as per consumers need. This makes it important to evaluate laptops category at India’s largest marketplace.

5.Laptop Catalogue Size

  • Majority of sellers, about 59% have only 1-5 SKUs.
  • About 21% have 6 through 15 SKUs to offer under laptop category. 10% sellers have 16 – 35 SKUs.
  • About 7% sellers have 36-65 SKUs and 3% are the ones who have 66 through 105 SKUs.
  • Seems like there are only 6 sellers who have presence across various brands and wide range of products to offers to their customers.

Seller Popularity Index for Laptop category

To bring sellers popularity under laptop category at Ebay to light, we determined number of ratings each seller has received till date. Ratings are given by their own customers which is apparently the most realistic data.

6.Laptop Seller rating

  • 31% sellers have received below 100 ratings. They could be new sellers on this marketplace or are old but they did not sell well.
  • About 47% sellers have received 100-1000 ratings so far. 17% sellers have received 1001- 10000 ratings.
  • Only 3 sellers have received 10000+ ratings. They are the most popular in this category and have presence across brands to offer wide variety to their customers.

In this report we revealed how big and popular Ebay’s seller under laptop category are. Do read our next Part of this series where we would discuss Cameras category on Ebay. If you are looking for a specific report please tweet your request to @NextBigWhat. All reports are published through data sourced from our partners

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