LatLong- Will Get you There (Where Streets have no Names)

Driving direction is still an unsolved territory in India (after all, Indian streets have no names) and even though, there are few players working on the problem, there is always a scope for improvement and innovation.

LatLong, Bangalore based startup attempts to help you with driving direction data, based on lat/long of a place.

The Bangalore based startup lets you search for a place using intuitive query keywords and provides a very useful set of direction.

For instance, one can send following queries (to 90088 90088):

  • WHERE <business name> – e.g. where chungwah,mg road
  • GO starting point TO/FROM destination/source – e.g. GO MG Road FROM Bannerghatta road

and Latlong will show you how to get there.

Products like Y! India Maps, RouteGuru, MapMyIndia etc do provide driving direction based on lat/long (and landmark based), but there are tons of scope for improvement – and does looks promising (currently available only in Bangalore).

The biggest challenge for them is to scale up to other cities (after all, everybody is struggling with the same old issue of lat/long in India) – very few players have been able to crack the problem.

What’s your take on Latlong?

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