Hey CEO, Your company needs a laugh detector, now!


Hey CEO, Your company needs a laugh detector, now!

A visit to any modern office now a days feels like a visit to a graveyard, there is almost pin-drop silence. People talk but in the small conference rooms.

Hell, they do not even talk to the person seated next door to them, they text her via the many messaging apps that since have mushroomed. Some of them are going to raise billion of dollars.

Only time will tell, whether  these apps have made the workplace more productive or made it suitable only for zombies.

Today’s HR department has been influenced by mythology, especially ‘Ravana’ and ‘Durga’. And they want bang for every penny, so their JDs are now seeking a super human creature, who is a cross of above two mythological figures. The one who has both ten heads and ten hands.

Where multi-tasking and productivity are the buzzwords of the day, people feel ashamed even to rise from their seat. And have a small chat with their colleague, let alone share a joke or laugh for a few seconds.

In a modern office, people are trying to kill themselves from being over-productive or they are pretending to be productive. Either ways it is detrimental to any organisation which has a long term view.

Rome was not built in a day, kids are told since Primary school; no one remembers it.

Wrong people who have a screwed up personal life are role models. People follow them to be seen as cool and in vogue, and start following them. While the truth of the matter is, they know they have screwed up their personal life and now trying to make it from some success with their professional one. While the average junta in trying to follow them, not only screws up their personal life, but professional one also.

It is elementary that people who are having fun while working, accomplish the most. A workplace where there is camaraderie between the team, where they like their work so much, that it is no more a drudgery are the real team. They are the ones who do the most, are happy and have a balanced life and organisation prospers because of it.

Laughter has become a sin at workplace today. A CEO worth it’s salt need to reverse the paradigm, long before her workforce start resembling robots, when the real robots have not even arrived (source).

And if you are the CEO of a technology company, and serious about the well-being of your people and your organisation, here is how you can build one.


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