Couple of updates and announcements


Couple of updates and announcements

Update: Reverted back to the good old theme – many of you sent me emails asking to get back to the “older way of viewing”!

If you have been a regular reader, you must have noticed a “monkey” playing with the site theme. The monkey tried several themes and looks like the hopping and jumping will stop now!

We sincerely apologise to our readers for all that jumping and hopping!

Few of our earlier themes code were not at all optimized and that resulted in too many errors/bad user experience. Finally, we (including the monkey) have settled for the current theme (inspired by bloggingpro guys) and we hope you like it too.

Please let us know your suggestions/feedbacks.

Most importantly, we are launching two channels to bring to you fresh perspectives on Indian digital industry and resources related to startupping!

    is the grand daddy of all news related to Digital India – right from the coverage on Indian industries to launch of any cool web app.
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    We are in the midst of a revolution that is shaping India 2.0 and this revolution is led by breed of Indian startups. At the same time, Indian entrepreneurs need answers to their questions about taking VC money/forming a board/building protection in term sheets etc.
    This site is a collection of resources related to entrepreneurship (by VCs/entrepreneurs) as well as collation of thoughts/opinions from industry pundits (on emerging trends/market).
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Do share your opinion/comments/feedbacks.

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