One Damn GTM Lesson that Nokia and Blackberries of the world can learn from Apple iPhone 4 Launch

So what do you see on Apple’s website today? A big (rather, ultra big) image of iPhone 4 with a clear, precise message (how iPhone is changing the world. Again).…

So what do you see on Apple’s website today? A big (rather, ultra big) image of iPhone 4 with a clear, precise message (how iPhone is changing the world. Again). Till yesterday, iPad occupied this place and today, its iPhone 4.

In a click, you will be navigated to a page with clear description of the product and the top features (i.e. FaceTime, Retina Display, Mutitasking, HD Video Recording in the case of iPhone 4).

iPhone 4
iPhone 4

The GTM Lesson

Switch the context and let me share some of the new launches by Apple’s competitors

  • Nokia launched N900 in India
    Do you see the buzz on Nokia India’s website?
  • Blackberry launched Curve 8530 in India, priced at INR 18,990/

I have earlier mentioned the broken digital strategy of Nokia and to continue that thread, homepage of Nokia India, i.e. doesnt’ even sport a single mention of N900.

So while N900 has been officially launched, it is still not for public view. Unless you really want to look for more information on N900 and end up visiting the N900 page, you will have no clue about the official launch, about the new killer phone Nokia has launched.

Compare this with Apple, who in turn ensures that all the hype created gets consumed in the most actionable form. Enough information is shared and device information is announced only and only when Apple is ready to talk about it (even mailers are sent the same day).

Very unlike Nokia which makes announcement a few months before the launch (i.e. creates buzz) and takes 2-3 months to launch the product. Case in point – everybody loved N8, there was quite a bit of buzz when Nokia announced it and even after a month, there are no signs of the device.

Now, when Nokia will launch N8 they will have to redo the same exercise, try harder to create buzz (again), spend money in marketing (including SMM) and guess what! The ‘digital team’ will forget to put the ‘flavour of the season’ item on its homepage.

Flop show?

Too naive to say Apple’s strategy is better than Nokia (or vice versa), but what really happens during the product launch should be completely controlled by the company. Each and every aspect of it.

What about Blackberry 8530 launch?

Blackberry India site has no information regarding the launch. Only if you have read the newspapers or received the PR will you come to know about the launch. As a consumer, how and where will I find information that will help me take buying decision?

GTM/Launch – Key Lessons

There is a lesson from Apple’s product launch process. What Apple does is pure orchestration. Beautiful music, if you may like to say. Each and every department is integrated into the launch process and it is not just the marketing/PM team that is responsible for the launch.

I am not comparing the launch strategy of Apple vs. Nokia – Apple keeps all the product secrets and makes a WoW appearance at the right time. Nokia, on the other hand is far more friendly and has its own launch strategy. Each one has its own thought process and is suited to the brands.

But when it comes to the public launch, stupid mistakes (like no information on homepage) will take away the jazz from the music. All the hard work done by product teams will lose out to such open loops, to which no one is responsible for.

What’s your opinion?

For the curious souls, watch this iPhone 4 video

Disclosure: I am not an Apple fanboy and own no single Apple product (except an iPod which I do not use anymore).

PS: In another 2-3 days, I am sure Nokia/Blackberry and others will update their homepage – but the launch fizz will die by that time.
* GTM = Go To Market.

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