Launching Something? Get Your Website Peer Reviewed on Criticue

CriticueIf you are a bootstrapped company, a web designer or a startup, you would know how difficult it is to get a feedback on your website unless you are established or known in the space. There are paid reviewers and other such services available but when you are on a limited budget you might not be able to afford it. This doesn’t mean you can let reviews take a backseat, as it is always helpful to have another set of eyes examine your design., based in Poland, is trying to resolve this in a way that is mutually beneficial to you and other entrepreneurs or bootstrapped companies in the community. It is a website feedback exchange site that will help you exchange feedback and critique your web designs among a community of web designers, startup owners and other entrepreneurs.

A flawed and unintuitive design can negatively affect the website traffic. You would also want to get feedback from peers before your portal goes live to public, as it is represents your company or startup on the internet.

This way you can be ensured that none of the basic and other design requirements are left off  from the website. The service has a fair one-for-one policy according to which, for one site you review, you get one review of your own website.

How the service works

To begin with you don’t have to sign up and you just need to submit your website url on the portal, then the service will automatically take a snapshot of the page you submitted for feedback. The service also lets you upload a snapshot of the url manually. Before you can get reviews and feedback on your site, you need to review a portal submitted by another user in the community, this is the next step.

In this step you will have to submit your post design, usability and optimization feedback to the portal you are reviewing. Once this is over, you website is sent out for a similar review and you will receive the feedback on it. Once the critique and feedback are received, you can make the suggested changes if you like.

You can also start a follow-up conversations with your reviewers, that way you can continue exchanging ideas and feedback. By ensuring that the you review another site before the one you submitted is reviewed, will make sure that the community remains active and free of leechers.

The service also checks that feedback is spam-free. All reviews are moderated so you won’t get bot or human generated spam.

Future Plans

Currently you can only get reviews by doing a review for another portal, but in the future the service plans to offer a pay per review service also. A model for cross-selling of products and services targeted at people is also planned.

The service will be competing with  and other similar free service. Portals like and a few others who offer a paid review model can also become competition once the service starts to charge for reviews, in the future.

In the next iteration of the service, the company plans to add a plan to buy reviews in packs of 5 or more. Another major focus will also be on turning the community into a more effective one by giving more ways website authors can help each other and communicate about their products and websites.

Services like this will help small bootstrapped startups and companies. That doesn’t mean that bigger or larger companies should not use the service. After all a second opinion is always a good one to have.

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