Guess who is benefiting from the slowdown?

Slowdown is in and as an employee, you only have few options – i.e.stick to your current job (as if it’s the only thing that matters in this world) or find a newer one (better salary/more stable..)?

What’er be the reason, one company that’s benefiting the most out of slowdown fears is..?


Here are the latest stats shared by LinkedIn (Sep 7):

  • 50 percent increase in site usage by financial industry members
  • 14 percent increase in recommendations
  • 10 percent increase in invitations sent
  • 7 percent increase in sign-ups
  • 9 percent increase in page views
  • 11 percent increase in the number of connections being made – via

Would be interesting to watch the traffic increase in Indian job sites – suddenly, the pendulum is swinging towards employers and they have more bargaining power than earlier.

So, more and more people will hop on to job sites, who in turn will have lesser jobs to fulfill.

Do you think recession will work in favor of startups (less attrition)?

What’s your take?

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