Layoff the fatties – they are good for nothing!

Move over you fatties – you guys are responsible for everything bad that is happening to the world. Including Global warming.

Apart from airlines/automobiles burning extra fuels (and spending extra $$s – which is averaged over and extracted from other lean/thin/ passengers) over carrying fatties, even the amount of food that fatties eat is responsible for environment pollution (don’t you cut extra trees and plants to ‘serve’ these fellas?).

Based on the extra 10 pounds the average American gained in the 1990’s, is 350 million gallons, which means an extra 3.8 million tons of carbon dioxide. (approx calculation by center for disease control and prevention).

But are fat people concerned of all this? Answer is NO. “Research suggests that the stigma of being fat leads to more eating, not less. And if reducing the stigma suggests a solution, that’s not working either.”

“We tax cigarettes in part because of their health cost,” writes an economist “Similarly, the individual’s decision to lead a sedentary lifestyle will end up costing taxpayers.” – Does that mean fatties should be taxed for being a fattie?

I say Yes! – Tax them ‘coz they are responsible for increased spending (by companies/government), which ultimately is extracted from the taxpayer’s pocket!!

What do you say guys?

Links: NY Times/ Layoff the fatties/Burn Fat – Drink Enviga

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