Too Lazy To Vote? Cast Your Vote Online With Vote4PM


Too Lazy To Vote? Cast Your Vote Online With Vote4PM

 The Indian general elections are vote4pmaround the corner. Most of us like to act a lot interested and opinionated about politics in the country, but are too lazy to go out and vote.

If you are one of the lazy ones (or even otherwise), you can visit the website and choose your next Prime Minister for the country. Only, the winning candidate won’t make it to the parliament based your vote. For that, you need to cast a real vote.

The portal is an independent site and is not affiliated or endorsed by any political party. The site is just trying to collect data about who the netizens wish to see as their next Prime Minister in the general elections coming up in 2014.

In a country where nearly half the population does not turn up at the voting booth for casting their vote, the website is trying to go to them and find out what their choicest PM is.

The site developed by Uday Ogra, who develops face apps and hacks like LikeKaro, has listed out various candidates and political parties on the portal on which users can vote on.

Currently there are 16278 votes registered on the site for the candidate and Modi seems to be leading the list. On the political party listings there are 1146 votes registered and BJP seems to be leading with 845 votes.

vote4pm candidates

The site also displays candidate wise statistics which shows the vote per candidate and a discussion box for voters to voice their opinions.

Off late even the Indian political parties and candidates are taking cues from their western peers and started using social networks to reach out to people. In a quick study we conducted back in May this year, it was seen that 9 out of 13 politicians with highest number of followers analyzed by us have more than 50 % fake followers. On an average, 50% of all followers of the 13 top central leaders on twitter are fake and 31% are inactive.

With general elections approaching, we should be seeing a lot more activity by these parties on the web.

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