One Thing That Great Leaders Understand

What is Leadership

Leadership is about knowing the right set of goals to complete in the first place — it is about setting direction.

In business, we often call this “vision” because it’s a lot more about knowing what is important in the first place. It’s about doing the right things > doing things right.

Leadership is about creating a shared vision that the entire team buys into and making adjustments when team members persuade you that you’re off course. 


Management is about overseeing a group of individuals to complete a shared objective.

A manager must define the goals of a project, break it up into tasks, assign out responsibilities, measure individual & group progress and constantly control the scope of the project in order to complete a work stream that can be called “complete.”

Managers don’t necessarily need to be great leaders in order to be effective at their jobs and we shouldn’t feel the need to force managers to be great leaders. 

Leadership Vs Management

Great leaders recognize the difference between leadership itself and management. Many of us aspire to be great at both but the reality is that few of us are. Great leaders surround themselves with great managers and vice versa.

There is no sense of providing a clear vision [leadership] if your team can’t agree and complete the tasks to achieve your goals [management].


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