LeadSimplified helps you manage Sales Leads

If you are a sales/marketing manager, you surely know the difference between lead  management system vs. CRM application – the diff. between prospect and a customer.

While there are CRM systems to help you manage your customers, there is still a need to have an exhaustive lead management solution to manage one’s prospects.

And that’s where LeadSimplified attempts to fill the gap.

Lead Simplified is an on-line, easy to use tool for all your sales opportunities. Enquiries from all channels (direct, website, field sales, phone calls emails and partners) come into a single database giving you ” unified view ” of a prospect / customer, consolidating enquiries under a single account that may have been accumulated over the years.

In real time, in a team environment, sales managers and sales people track their activity as prospects move through the enquiry process. Everyone is accessing the same centrally managed database, which enhances collaboration, forecasting and marketing analysis over a period of time.

The product lets you:

  • track of ones leads for now and future
  • assign leads to right people & help you follow-up at the right time
  • classify leads into hot/cold
  • measure how prospective is a lead
  • offer statistical reports to improve the decision making process for investment decision for lead generation

Most importantly, the solution is available as a service and is charged based on number of subscriptions.

While salesforce and other CRM apps do have flavor of lead management inbuilt, is there a need for more customization? Do you think LeadSimplified has a great differentiator here?

Share your feedback.

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