LeadSquared Makes Landing & Closing Leads Simple for Small Businesses

Small and micro businesses often don’t create a website of their own. They prefer listing on classified sites. That’s usually because they find it hard to make a site, and also that it doesn’t have any direct impact on their business growth. But hey, increasingly people are looking for services online.

With LeadSquared, a business owner can create landing pages optimized for lead generation, run e-mail campaigns, track and manage leads and grow the business. Creating a landing page is simple with drag and drop functions. You can also choose from one of the templates that are already available on the site.

Once you are done with creating a landing page capable of collecting information from prospective customers, the tool can automatically send a personalized e-mail to the lead. You get an e-mail notification when someone fills up the form on your landing page.

LeadSquared pulls the prospect’s contact information, social profile and activity history into one place for you to see. It also generates a lead score which helps you judge how interested the lead is in your offering.  It gives you periodic reports and a nice dashboard to assess your business growth.LeadSquared

This is a nice and simple approach to generating and managing leads online. We found it easy to use and thoughtfully built. However, signing up is not automatic. Which means that you’ll need to wait for a call from the company before you can try out the product. A smoother on-boarding process would have been nicer.  LeadSquared costs $100 a month to start with.

The company, founded in 2011, already has 85 paying customers, and is targeting small & micro businesses with less than $20 mn in revenues in the US & India.

The founding team of the startup, built another company called Proteans earlier. It was acquired by Symphony Services in 2010. The outsourced software product development company was founded in 2003 and grew to $8 mn in revenues by 2010.

Typically, long sales cycles pose a challenge to SaaS based companies selling to Indian enterprises. ” The economics of SaaS sales works through automated sales or inside sales. Sales in India, especially in large organizations need face to face interaction, which is a challenge,” says Sudhakar Gorti, one of the three founders of LeadSquared. This is a problem which others in the enterprise SaaS space have also pointed out.

Take for instance KineticGlue, a company founded by former Wipro executive Vivek Paul. The company couldn’t scale because it had trouble selling to Indian enterprises.

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