The Khan Academy – Changing the way Education is Delivered


The Khan Academy – Changing the way Education is Delivered

As part of our coverage of Education Industry, here is one great organization that is changing the way education is delivered.

The Khan Academy started by Salman Khan, a Harvard Business School alum takes a radically different approach to education.

Salman was working as a hedge fund analyst and was remotely tutoring his cousins and once his tutorials got a little famous, he ended up delivering the same (read: repetitive) tutoring to other students.

He started recording the videos and put up the tutorials on Youtube. Initially, he started creating tutions using Microsoft Paint (black background/florescent colors) and later moved to sophisticated software donated by the site viewers.

Salman covers pretty much all the range student asks for – mathematics to Economics, Algebra, Trigonometry, Physics, Chemisty etc.

Whats amazing about Khan academy is the simplicity of operation – its a one man show. As of writing this article, there were 13 million views of the academy videos on Youtube; and the videos are visited by 100,000 students a month, averaging around 40,000 video views a day!

Check out these sample videos:

Groups of the Periodic Table

Introduction to differential equations

Calculus: Derivatives 1

Great things start with tiny steps.
Will this *hack” change the legacy way of ‘learning’ [education and learning are separate things]. What’s your opinion?
[Thanks Benjamin for the tip.]

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