Cash in on Offbeat Skills & Learn Offbeat Courses Via Tutorreels

Looking to cash in your passion? Or want to learn a new skill like photography or bartending? Whichever be the case, Tutorreels, an e-learning startup has a solution and a new egg to put into the country’s $174 Mn e-learning market.

The Bangalore based startup teaches offbeat courses that range from demystifying wines, to learning pottery and even how to start a restaurant. The online video based tutorial site was founded by K Sivaprasad in March 2014.

Tutorreels’ Functioning

Tutorreels follows a subscription based model for every course. Courses typically range from 1 month to 6 months [and cost anywhere between Rs 900- Rs 1,500] depending on the package chosen.

The website lets just about anyone teach casual courses on its platform. Tutors are vetted by the Tutorreels team, which All tutors are vetted by the Tutorreels team.

Tutorreels picks courses based on the tutor’s qualifications, experience in the industry and the feedback it gets from referrals.

The team shortlist the top three names for a course and then pick based on an interview.

“We discuss the modus operandi with respect to content development, remuneration, timelines and other T&C. Further to this exercise, we bring on board the one who shares the same passion as us,” says Sivaprasad who formerly worked with Network18.

Tutors can earn anywhere between 30-60% of the revenue earned on their tutorials from Tutorreels.

Creating Tutor Videos

The startup, which has an in-house video production team, makes it easy for tutors’ to churn out high quality videos and helps them.

Currently, there are 10 tutors on the site, offering courses topics such as wine tasting and pottery.

Content being taught on Tutorreels can also be learnt on YouTube or Vimeo. But, Sivaprasad disagrees that the same content can be learnt via YouTube or Vimeo for free. “There is a lot of free content available on YT or Vimeo. However, they are mostly not curated and not organised. On Tutorreels, a user gets all that she is looking for on a platter – curated, organised and convenient and affordable,” he says.

The Good & What can be Improved at Tutorreels

wines demystified

I tried the “Demystifying Wines” course on Tutorreels, and one thing that stood out was the quality of video production. It was edited well, and was easy to follow. There were about 30 sub-sections ranging from 1 minute to 5 in the 1 month module.

What I would have liked to see would have been more footage or even animation, rather than just the tutors explaining what kind of grapes are used, what the winemaking process is or even how they are classified.  

Beginner’s Guide to Pottery Preview

A snapshot of the Pottery making course, however, showed the tutor taking users through the entire process, complete with footage of the how tos.

While there are only 9 courses currently, subsections to divide courses into categories and search functionality would also help navigate better.

Overall a great way to learn skills thanks to the structured courses, at affordable prices.

Tutorreels currently has 2,500 registered users on board its platform. It plans to add over 100 modules in the next two years and raise capital.

[The key here, would be to get the cost structure and content sourcing right, as video’s are expensive and resource intensive to be done completely in house.]

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