Love Vim, TextMate? Here is how you remember the shortcuts [ShortcutFoo]

For geeks out there who need to remember shortcuts for their favourite IDE – be it VIM, TextMate, Emacs etc. ShortcutFoo provides the easiest way to remember the shortcuts.

Built in a super interactive way, ShortcutFoo trains users on various shortcuts keys and commands through interactive typing drills (similar to the old learning how to type software, but for shortcuts). 


Right now, ShortcutFoo supports Photoshop,Visual Studio developer, Unix Command Line, Vim, Sublime (plus other programming editors) and one can take drills (tests) as well. For the ninjas, you can upgrade to premium account and start creating your unlimited shortcuts/bundles.

If you are a developer, do give shortcutFoo a ninja spin and share your feedback.

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