Data : India has 16% of LEDs sales globally. A data we should really be proud of !


India’s share is now nearly 16% of total LEDs sale in the world – up from earlier 0.2%, all thanks to the big push government has made in making India a LED nation (and getting rid of conventional GLS or incandescent bulbs which are power consuming).

LED bulbs distributed by Indian government
LED bulbs distributed by Indian government

As of today, government has distributed 21,25,93,256 LED bulbs, i.e. ~21.26 crores LEDs and on top of that, LED industry has sold 26.3 Crore LEDs (till 31st December, 2016)!
This is something to be really proud of. These initiatives have and should open up avenues for startups to participate in the disruption.
LED bulb & India's success story
LED bulb & India’s success story

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