Lenovo S920 Review: A Great Android Phone below Rs 20,000

At 5.3 inches it is definitely a big phone, but due to its slim profile does not feel all that large to hold in one hand. The phone is made of plastic but has a nice matte finish which looks good and is also pretty sturdy.

Lenovo s920Chinese manufacturer Lenovo is targeting 1 million smartphone sales in India this financial year. To that end, the company launched many phones. One of them, was the Lenovo S920, launched at a price of Rs 26,399 and is available for about 20,000 now. Here’s our Lenovo S920 review.


At 5.3 inches it is definitely a big phone, but due to its slim profile does not feel all that large to hold in one hand. The phone is made of plastic but has a nice matte finish which looks good and is also pretty sturdy. The back cover is easily removable and like most of the Android phones today is of the Dual-SIM variant. However only one of these supports 3G while the other will use operate at 2G /EDGE speeds only. Unfortunately the phone comes with just 4GB of internal storage, but one can extend this with a microSD card slot. If you are buying this phone we recommend by a microSD card immediately.

Unlike most phones you find the power button on the top. We found this an inconvenient placing as we had to stretch our hands to switch the screen on. We would have preferred it on one of the sides. The top also has the head phone jack and the microUSB port for charging/data transfer. It is covered by a plastic flap which is a bit tricky to open. The volume rocker is on the right side and the phone comes with capacitive buttons.


The S920’s comes with a 1.2 Ghz quad-core processor and 1GB of RAM which performs really well. Daily activity is a breeze with no lags at all. When we tried to play games on the phone, like Asphalt 7, though it took a moment to open performed really well. It was able to play 720p videos without any stuttering.


Lenovo has taken a unique approach to the user interface of its Android phones. While most manufacturers skin the operating system heavily, Lenovo has chosen to go with themes. These themes are pretty light weight and don’t actually cause any issues to the functioning of the OS. Though one can’t find the vanilla Android interface, the changes are not really that harsh. One can completely customize the look of the OS from the type of animations to the icons. One feature that we did find missing is that Lenovo chose to remove the widget chooser from the app menu and you have pick a widget from the home screen.

The phone did have some apps pre-installed like Lenovo’s battery life app, Norton Mobile Security and a few games from Gameloft like Block Breaker 3 and Asphalt 7.


The 5.3 screen is an HD IPS one with a resolution of 1280 X 720. It is quite bright and images and videos look good on it.

S920 cameraCamera

The Lenovo S920 comes with a 8 megapixel shooter on the back. The app does take a moment to focus and click. The camera app has a number of shooting modes and special effects. Picture quality was pretty good when clicked with proper lighting but suffered a lot in the dark and in low lighting situations. Images clicked in low light came out grainy with a lot of noise.

Sound & Call Quality

The phone has a single loudspeaker at the back, which is pretty loud but gets badly muffled when the screen is face up. Call and network quality were good and we did not face any issues here.

Battery Life

The phone has a 2,250 mAh battery which performs exceptionally well for a big screen phone. It was able to get through a day with heavy usage. It also has a Lenovo Power app which gives you additional setting to squeeze out even more battery life from the device.


At 5.3 inch the screen size is in-between the big screen 5 inch phones and the phablets which start at 5.5 inch. The extra screen estate is definitely better for watching videos and browsing the web, but becomes a bit uncomfortable when you have to place it in your pocket. Unfortunately the phone does almost everything at an average level, except for the battery life which is pretty good. The screen quality is definitely better than the Galaxy Grand and when you compare it with the performance of the similarly priced Canvas 4, the Lenovo S920 comes out on top. Thus making it one of our top picks for an Android phone below Rs 20,000.

s920 screen

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