Lessons from WeChat Growth : Don’t play fav with features.

WeChat dominates the China web with more than 889 million monthly users. Pretty much most of Chinese Internet companies rely on WeChat for distribution/discovery.
WeChat’s biggest USP is how they have cracked group behavior and navigates users through different features ensuring that user don’t jut stick to one feature alone.
Here is an interesting takeaway from WeChat’s growth strategy:
An individual user’s behavior can be quite distinct from how they behave when in a group. To identify these group-effect opportunities, WeChat closely observed how users behaved among groups of friends and strangers in everyday life. WeChat did not lean on more traditional forms of user research, such as surveys, interviews or following competition.
This is an important insight because many users, when in isolation mostly tend to spam/self-promote (think of several WhatsApp groups), but in a group they behave differently.
In case you haven’t read it yet – do read this wonderful analysis (link) on WeChat.

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