Let ME Hear Again – An Innovative App For The Hearing Impaired

Socially relevant technology innovations in medical field have gained much appreciation over the past years. Kerala based Dr Sharon Baisil has developed and launched an innovative app – ‘Let ME Hear Again’ to help the hearing impaired.
Dr Sharon Baisil has developed the app solely on Google App Inventor, maintained by Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The app was a result of Dr Baisil’s passion for technology and his empathy towards the hearing impaired who cannot afford costly mediums as a remedy for their disabilities.
The app enables the impaired to Hear 71 Languages by live voice recognition and translation. Dr Baisil says that most people with hearing disabilities are well versed in sign language and have issues communicating only with people who can hear normally. The common usage of Whatsapp among such people is what sparked the idea for a mobile app for them.
The prototype of the app developed on App Inventor was shared with other doctors across Kerala who shared it with their patients to collect feedbacks for improving the app. Common difficulties mentioned by the patients included waking up to a normal alarm clock, improbability of noticing when someone calls from behind them etc.
The prototype had only one feature of face to face chat for the hearing impaired to communicate with normal people. Later on more features such as Virtual Notes, which is a Virtual Interpreter & Note Taker; Call Companion, which converts phone calls to text in real time; Quake Awake Alarm for Deaf; and Guardian Angel, which alerts the user during emergencies were added to the app.
The basic version of the app is available for free download on Android Play Store while the PRO version with improved features is available for INR 50.
The app was awarded ‘App of the Month’ from MIT-App Inventor, USA and Dr Sharon Baisil is the second Indian to receive this award!
Here is a demo video of the app: