Let It Wag App crowdsources help from animal lovers

Let it Wag is a unique initiative about which a true passionate animal lover would have certainly dreamt of while trying to save/help an injured/helpless stray animal in need.
The app lets animal lovers

  • Rescue Stray Animals
  • Find Lactating mother for unfortunate babies
  • Find Foster Homes
  • Create your local animal lover community
  • Raise funds for strays..and more.


The story behind Let it wag app.

It was an ordinary day when 26-year-old Yash was looking out of the window of his Matunga home when he heard painful cries on the street below. When perturbed Yash decided to see what was wrong and arrived at the spot, he realised the mewling cry belonged to a stray dog whose leg had been crushed after a vehicle ran over it.
Yash immediately dialled the number of the local vet, who was nowhere to be found. He even called the Parel ambulance service, but was informed that they were ‘unsure of the time it would take for them to arrive’ — a euphemistic way of telling him to look for other alternatives. It only after a few hours that another college student in the vicinity volunteered to call a paid ambulance and split the bill of Rs 800 for conveyance with Yash.

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