Let your mobile burrp!

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Let your mobile burrp!

I have been following Burrp! for quite some time and must say that they are a smart ass.
Apart from introducing features in a phase wise manner, these guys spend huge amount of time/ resource to get the cities listed; but what I really appreciate is the kind of effort they have put in for driving the end users.

Being a Product Manager, I can definitely say that building a product is one thing, making it a huge success is another. Bringing users is easy, making sure that they converse/emote is difficult!!
Today, Burrp has launched a much-needed feature, i.e. SMS alerts.
SMS alerts:

  • keep you updated on restaurants, bars and clubs that open and shut in your neighbourhood
  • inform you when a place in your neighbourhood is reviewed by a fellow burrper
  • provide you with more alerts for TV shows, movies, and other local businesses

The service is currently available in Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai.
Pay attention to the last section – TV shows, movies..
Deap mentioned during the podcast about the TV listing service, and looks like my TV is the next to burrp!

Guys, give Burrp SMS alerts a spin and share your comments.

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