Exclusive: LetsBuy customers will now be redirected to Flipkart checkout process

Earlier, we reported about the possible LetsBuy deadpool state and now (as per an internal email sent to all LetsBuy employees), has decided to redirect the LetsBuy customers to Flipkart experience.

That is, all orders on LetsBuy will now go thru’ Flipkart’s selection & checkout process.

What about LetsBuy employees?

Like any other M&A deal, some of the employees will be let go of (corporate speak: outplacement support will be provided) and the entire process is expected to complete by middle of this week.

This arrangement works for Flipkart because of several negative sentiments around LetsBuy brand (i.e. order delivery etc) and like we said earlier, Flipkart had a very limited time to control the entire LetsBuy experience, as consumers started blaming Flipkart for LetsBuy’s goofups.

Given the timing (Amazon launching in India, Jabong going strong), this is probably the best Flipkart could do. Importantly, this was probably the best way out for folks at Letsbuy too (rather than sink with a sinking ship).

That is,  the end of LetsBuy – as a brand and as a company.

Though, an important question still remains unanswered: Why did Flipkart acquire LetsBuy? For the traffic? What about category management? warehouse? logistics?

LetsBuy Vs. Others
LetsBuy Vs. Others

If you have an answer, do let us know!

For more context, do read the article: Letsbuy – Bought! Now What?.

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